Krakow (PL)

Jagiellonian University


Housing assistance


Housing Options

University student halls of residence :
Private accomodation :


Housing application deadline(s)

Application deadlines
Please send the Application Form and Housing Application before the deadlines :
June 15, for autumn term (starts beginning of October)
November 30, for spring term (starts mid-February)


Cost estimates per month

Rooms: the International Students Office can offer a limited number of places for international students in University halls of residence. The monthly cost of one place is 240 PLN.
Meals : 15 – 20 PLN per meal
Books : 200 PLN
Transport : 60 PLN per month
Health insurance:


Comparable health insurance coverage from abroad allowed/not allowed

Students from EU member states
are advised be insured in their home countries and bring a European form (e.g. E-111 or E-128) which entitles them to the same treatment as Polish nationals.

Non-EU students are advised to purchase a health insurance policy in their own countries before arrival in Poland.

It is also possible to purchase :

Polish public health insurance
Detailed information can be obtained at :
Narodowy Fundusz Zdrowia
Wydzial Obslugi Ubezpieczen ;
ul. Batorego 24 ; 30-135 Krakow
Mon-Fri : 8:00 – 16:00
Infoline : (+4812) 9488
E-mail :

Polish private health insurance
Apart from the public medical care system there is also a well-developed private sector offering individual medical insurance (e.g.: PZU, Warta, Hestia, Falck and others).

Additional insurance against unfortunate accidents on the territory of the Jagiellonian University is available for all students, valid for the academic year (1 October-30 September). It costs 20 PLN per academic year and may be purchased from the Bursary of the Jagiellonian University in Collegium Novum, Room No. 47, Monday – Friday 9.00-13.00


Health facilities at the university

With a Polish public health insurance students are entitled to get medical treatment at the:
Student Medical Center ; ul. Armii Krajowej 5 ; Krakow
Tel : (+4812) 637 21 00 ext. 217
Monday to Friday : 8.00 – 19.00
Saturdays and Sundays : 8.00 – 19.00
Accident treatment : Pogotowie ; ul. Łazarza 14 ; 31-530 Krakow
Tel : (+4812) 424 42 00


Summer courses

School of Polish Language and Culture
International Business and Trade Summer Law Programme
Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) Summer School


Local Coordinator, ASC Master Course

Jagiellonian University
Faculty of Chemistry
Ul. Ingardena 3
30-060 Krakow
tel. (48 12) 663 22 24


Administrative contact

Agnieszka DUDA
tel: (+48-12) 633 22 26


Contact person for incoming students

The International Students Office, as the admissions office of the Jagiellonian University, provides information and counselling for foreign students wishing to study at this institution.

International Students Office
Jagiellonian University
Collegium Novum
ul. Golebia 24, rooms 031 & 032
31-007 Krakow
Tel : (+48-12) 663-1546 ; 663-1547 ; 663-1106
Fax : (+48-12) 663-1545

Miroslaw KLIMKIEWICZ, MSc – Head
Tel : (+48-12) 663-1106


General website of the university


Web site of the international office/information web site for incoming students

Academic calendar

1st of October to the end of January (winter term)
Middle of February to the beginning of June (summer term)


Examination period(s)

February (winter term)
June (summer term)


Orientation session(s) for incoming students

Orientation week is offered at the start of each semester. The course is free of charge.


Application deadline(s) for admission

15th July
15th February


Course registration deadline(s)

The same as application deadline