79% of ASC graduates have carried on to doctoral studies,

some of which in Doctoral programs of excellence such asmcrscp ITN Marie Curie Fellowships or Erasmus Mundus Ph.D., and 4 % went on to a teaching position directly after their M.Sc., usually in their country of origin.

Although our students are inclined to pursue third cycle higher education training, 13% found a job in industry directly after their Master’s graduation in European and non-European based companies (e.g. L’Oreal France, L’Oreal China, Merck-Millipore Germany, Reckitt-Benckiser UK, Dow Agrosciences Mexico, Rotam Global agrosciences, Multiceras S.A.). 73% of ASC graduates currently have a position in Europe.

The step to obtain a Ph.D. grant or job is predominantly secured by the student before graduation, which is an excellent indicator for the attractiveness of our students profile to these R&D economical actors.

Qualitative feedback from those employers is also excellent, as they proved to be very interested in our students’ unique profile.

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