The ASC Consortium is coordinated by the University of Lille.

Legal representative: President Régis Bordet

Network Coordinator: Dr Cédric Lion

Administrative manager: Francine Chanier

Academic affairs secretary: Aude Zeglin

Program Board

The Program Board directs the program development and delivery and acts as a forum of consultation and cooperation for the implementation of the ASC Program through Partner Institutions. In line with study regulations and respecting decision-making powers of boards as stipulated at each Partner, the Program Board has the primary responsibility for:

  • Agreeing on the admission criteria of the applicants to the Program (students and invited scholars),
  • Selecting students and invited scholars,
  • Overseeing Program development and delivery, including quality assurance,
  • Monitoring student achievement, progression and evaluation, including student feedback,
  • Contributing to and approving reports to the European Commission and other donors on grants awarded for co-operation projects.

The Program board‘s members: Network coordinator, 5 local coordinators and participation with advisory capacity of administrative members from each partner university and 2 students.

Consortium agreement 2nd EM funding 2015-2020
Consortium agreement 3rd EM funding 2019-2025
Student Agreement