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Université Lille1 (FR)

Lille1 University is one of France’s premier campuses. Essential figures include a student population of 20,500 plus 15,000 in the country’s biggest adult education centre. Almost 10,000 degrees are delivered each year and 4,000 training periods are undertaken.
The main areas of study cover Mathematics and computer Science, Physics, Chemistry, Natural Sciences, Economics and Management, Social Sciences, and all forms of Engineering/Technologies.

The international dimension is ever present with our focus on creating an international environment. This is clearly expressed with over 3700 international students (19% of total students) on the campus with representation of 64 nationalities, 200 international staff mobility and 450 outgoing students each year. High profile interuniversity agreements exist on all five continents and networks have been developed with Europe, the Americas, Australia and Asia where the creation of double diplomas or European framework of recognition has been a major tool.

Research and the Environment : Lille1 has 1,400 PhD students yearly working with the 44 research laboratories on campus, two-thirds of which are supported by the State CNRS. Areas of excellence include Electronics; Engineering and Computer Science, Materials, Bio production, Optics and Chemistry. City, Space and Society are mainly handled by economists. Research at Lille1 is supported by a Regional and the National Committee (French Ministry of research and the CNRS) and also by European Research Development projects. Some laboratories develop a European strategy by creating “joint European laboratories”.

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