Examination and assessment regulations are made available to the students at the beginning of their studies at each Partner.

Examination criteria: The criteria are decided individually for each course unit and fully described in each course unit description. Besides a written examination, the evaluation may include written reports related to laboratory works, and oral presentations. Assessments carried out at one institution are recognized fully and automatically by the other institutions in the Consortium.

Each student will be assessed according to the assessment system and calendar of the host institution. The final grades will then be calculated by the examining institution according to its procedures.

Minimum requirements for the completion of the Master diploma are the validation of each course unit and of which at least 30 ECTS points must be validated in a different partner university.

Minimum grades for the students to pass a certain course unit are given in the grade conversion table for the different universities.

If students fail course units equivalent to 10 ECTS credit points or more, or if they fail a mandatory course unit, their individual study plan and consequences for their mobility plan will be discussed on a case to case basis by the Program Board, taking into account local regulations and juries decisions.

The Master thesis will be reviewed by professors from 2 different partner universities.

The average final grade for the two-year course is awarded by the Institution where the student has done his master’s thesis and graduated.