Associated partners

World leading companies in the field of spectroscopic techniques

brukerBruker Biospin, Wissembourg, France.Bruker is one of the leading world-wide spectroscopic instrumentation manufacturers. Bruker systems cover a broad spectrum of applications in all fields of research and production.

Italy, is an international group and world leader in manufacturing machines and complete plants for the Ceramics, Packaging, Food and Plastics industries – markets in which it is recognized worldwide leader.

Promotion and financial support

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Utrecht Network is a representative European-wide network of universities (31 European Higher Education Institutions in 29 countries) cooperating with partner networks in Australia and the USA in the area of internationalization of higher education.


The Council of Region Hauts de France, in order to promote excellence at Master’s level and develop intercultural communication, has been supporting the ASC master since it was created by offering several study or research mobility grants each year to self-financed ASC students.


Research Institutes’ involvement in the ASC Master’s course: training and internships


is the French national synchrotron facility, operating at 2.75 GeV as a high brilliance third generation synchrotron. It offers a unique panorama of experiments (11 beamlines in surface and material sciences, chemistry, environmental and earth sciences and biology).

CNR-IMM bologneThe Section of Bologna of the Institute for Microelectronics and Microsystems (IMM) belongs to the Italian National Research Council (CNR). CNR-IMM provides access to facilities and well renowned competences in Transmission, Scanning and Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM, SEM and STEM, respectively) and X-ray scattering and diffraction techniques, fundamental tools for the structural, morphological and compositional characterization of materials.

Elettra EST_logo petit
ELETTRA Sincrotrone Trieste, Italy,
the Italian 3rd generation synchrotron radiation facility is a multidisciplinary research center hosting 26 beamlines and 10 supporting laboratories.

Jagiellonian Centre for Experimental Therapeutics (JCET), Poland
is a well-equipped interdisciplinary research center of medical research and development, first of its kind in Poland and unique in Europe. The Centre main objective is to develop research on mechanisms of endothelial dysfunction in diseases, novel pharmacotherapeutic mechanisms of endothelium, pharmacological actions and therapeutic properties of original chemical compounds to indicate their potential clinical uses.

IOM_logo_en_The Leibniz Institute of Surface Modification (IOM) is member of the Leibniz Association. IOM is working on interdisciplinary topics of application-oriented basic research and innovative application development. Key competence of the IOM is the modification of surfaces and thin films by ion beam-, electron-, laser- and plasma-techniques.


Competitiveness clusters, links with local industrial environment


Matikem, Villeneuve d’Ascq, France brings together large and small firms, research bodies and educational establishments, all working together in a specific region to develop synergies and cooperative efforts around a shared theme: materials and chemistry.


neuev_logo_final_rgb2Netzwerk Energie & Umwelt (NEU – Network Energy and Environment)
Industry and research institutes within the Energy and Environmental Cluster of Leipzig are key growth driver for the local economy. Within the association NEU e.V. over 80 members, as EEX (European Energy Exchange), Verbio (Biomass based fuel), the DBFZ (German Biomass Research Center), the UFZ Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research and a variety of medium sized companies collaborate in the field of renewable energy and e-mobility. NEU e.V.s´ main contribution will be the development of links of the ASC programme and the local industry & research institutes by offering to students support and organization of traineeships and practicals at industry partners within the region of Leipzig and promote ASC graduates within the network to improve their visibility.


Luke_EN_virall_WEBNatural Resources Institute, LUKE, Finland is a research and expert organization promoting bio economy and sustainable use of natural resources. Luke comprises the state research institutes MTT Agrifood Research Finland, the Finnish Forest Research Institute, the Finnish Game and Fisheries Research Institute, and the statistical services of the Information Centre of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.
Luke brings together expertise in renewable natural resources and responsible food production and provides innovative solutions that promote new business activities.